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  • Write tributes for sailors confirmed or presumed killed
  • Sailors killed in the USS Cole attack
  • Message board for military personnel
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    About the USS Cole :: Damage photos :: About Yemen
    An apparent terrorist bomb attack against the USS Cole on October 12, 2000, left 17 sailors confirmed or presumed dead, including Petty Officer 3rd Class Ronchester Santiago, 22, of Kingsville and Fireman Gary Swenchonis Jr., 26, of Rockport. Another 39 are reported injured. is providing a message board for tributes to sailors confirmed or presumed dead.

    The U.S. Navy released this view of damage on the side of the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Cole after a suspected terrorist bomb exploded during a refueling operation in Aden, Yemen. /AP
    Gary Swenchonis, Jr., 26, Rockport. Read story
    Ronchester Santiago, 22, Kingsville. Read story

    Latest stories:

    U.S. Navy's Site on the USS Cole :: CIA World Factbook on Yemen :: Terrorism Research Center :: U.S. State Department Policy on Counterterrorism

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