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Junior Livestock 2002
Bar-B-Q Cook-off
Blue Ribbon Auction Sale benefits show participants
Animals are subject to drug testing
Months of hard work culminate at annual Livestock Show
Livestock show has benefited Nueces County youths since 1936
Livestock show auction rules
NCJLS scholarship applications
2002 NCJLS & Sale schedule of events
Scholarship recipients are seniors active in agriculture activities
Youth-oriented activities at NCJLS's 2002 Youth Day
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2002 NCJLS participant profiles
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David Pellerin/Caller-Times

Bathing and shearing are part of the responsibilities of raising lambs for show.

Livestock show has benefited Nueces County youths since 1936

Project sales have funded college degrees

During its 67-year history, the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show has provided many youth with the opportunity to exhibit their talents in the areas of animal husbandry, wood-working and welding, cooking and sewing.

The reason behind the success of this show is the continued involvement of families through the years as evidenced by the number of second- and third-generation participants.

The first show, organized by Nueces county agent W.M. Sellers, was on Feb. 22, 1936. Seventeen 4-H boys exhibited their steers in a vacant lot between Main Street and Avenue B in Robstown.

George Tuley/Caller-Times file

Raising pigs like this crossbreed is a matter of pride for area youngsters.

The first-place calf received a cash prize of $10 and sold for $81. The chilling rain typified the weather that would be associated with the show for years to come.

Continued growth

Future Farmers of America and Future Homemakers of America joined the event in 1944.

Extension agents and vocational teachers are the foundation of the show, and their dedication through the years is the essential ingredient behind its success.

The show continued to grow during the war years and first became known as the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show in 1944.

In 1947, the show moved from downtown Robstown to a tent on the east side of Highway 77, near the intersection of Avenue J. Participants in these years recall wading through the mud and water that traditionally became associated with the event.

Variety of new events

George Tuley/Caller-Times

This steer, named 'Yankee,' was a grand champion at the 2000 Nueces County Junior Livestock Show.

Even as the show grew in size, the number and variety of events also increased. Broilers were first shown in 1953, and turkeys and rabbits in 1969. Horses became a part of the show in the early 1960s and the first Queen's Contest was held in 1963.

The shop contest joined the show in 1960. Although FHA members had been allowed to show clothing and food exhibits since 1963, the Homemaking Division officially began in 1970. The Meat Goat Division was the most recent livestock addition, established in 1993.

A Youth Day was added at the Millennium Show. The 66th anniversary show saw the addition of All Pro Bullriding and the first annual NCJLS family rodeo.

Sales fund college tuition

The show also has constructed a Web site and will broadcast the auction sale live over the Internet at

Faithful buyers are the key to the success of the show and have endured bitter weather and long hours on sale day right along with the exhibitors.

David Adame/Caller-Times

Homemaking competition at the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show includes cake-baking.

The number of livestock projects auctioned have fluctuated over the years. The 1995 sale marked the largest ever in terms of total projects, with a record number of 799.

The 2001 sale marked the largest sale in terms of total dollars, with a total of $1,173,653.01.

The funding these exhibitors receive from the sale of their livestock has provided the financial base for college degrees.

Nurturing youth

Many of today's community leaders and outstanding businessmen and women of Nueces County received their training in leadership and agricultural techniques through the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show.

This annual event is an outstanding example of cooperation between young people and their families, teachers and extension service professionals, South Texas businesses and government officials. The combined efforts of these groups have developed the abilities and character of the youth involved.

The Nueces County Junior Livestock Show provides youth with the occasion to compete in a county-wide competition.

For youth in urban areas, livestock shows are an opportunity to touch a pig or hold a rabbit, to experience things that aren't a regular part of city life.

It is an educational experience for the young and the old, a chance that shouldn't be missed.

It is an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the accomplishments of the young people involved in the show.


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