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Feb. 17

Shooting ruled accidental
One of the hunters on the Armstrong Ranch during Vice President Dick Cheney's ill-fated hunting trip described how a weekend meant to relieve the pressures of public life instead thrust a group of friends and acquaintances into a grave situation after Cheney accidentally shot Austin lawyer Harry Whittington.

Whittington sorry for what Cheney family has gone through
In his first time speaking publicly since being injured in a hunting accident over the weekend, Austin lawyer Harry Whittington thanked Christus Spohn Hospital and felt bad for what the Vice President has gone through

Harry Whittington's comments
Quotes from Harry Whittington's comments during a noon press conference Friday

Feb. 16

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Nancy Martinez/Caller-Times

Decisions on inquiry are his own, official says
SARITA - The Kenedy County Sheriff's Department feels at home with the Secret Service and the powerful people who go hunting on the Armstrong Ranch, but is out of its comfort zone with the media circus that the hunting accident involving Vice President Dick Cheney has attracted.

Media frenzy - Wednesday's press conference
Behind the scenes of Wednesday's press conference at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial

Transcript of Dick Cheney's interview on Fox News Channel
Transcript of Vice President Dick Cheney's interview Wednesday with Brit Hume of Fox News Channel, as released by the White House. Cheney addresses his shooting Saturday of a hunting companion, 78-year-old Harry Whittington of Austin at a ranch owned by Katharine Armstrong about 60 miles south of Corpus Christi:

Kenedy County report: Shooting was an accident

Hospital: Whittington in excellent condition
Austin lawyer Harry Whittington is in stable condition, Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial officials reported Wednesday.

Whittington working from his hospital room

Anatomy of medical response to shooting
Secret Service alerts an air ambulance at 6 p.m. initially

Blame the media? We are making it easier
COLUMN: Cheney hunting accident brings out the worst in some

Feb. 15

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George Gongora/Caller-Times
Heart attack minor: Prognosis looks good
Barring further complications, the 78-year-old attorney shot by Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to recover after suffering a minor heart attack after a piece of birdshot migrated to his heart, medical specialists said Tuesday.

Cheney's handling of shooting mishap flawed
It would have been far better for the vice president and the administration had the details been aired without the long delay.

Callers to DA: Will you prosecute?
Waiting for sheriff's report is the next step

One hunter got citation, not a warning
Parks and Wildlife says which to issue up to each warden

Feb. 14

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George Gongora/Caller-Times

State issues warning to VP, friend
Vice President Dick Cheney and the 78-year-old man he shot on a weekend hunting trip will receive warnings from state wildlife authorities for lacking a $7 upland hunting stamp, the only official action in the investigation into what has been ruled a hunting accident.  

An interview with Caller-Times Reporter Kathryn Garcia
A look at how Caller-Times reporter Kathryn Garcia has handled the media frenzy caused by the accidental shooting

Avid shooter simulates the accident, its injuries
People with no hunting experience might have a tough time visualizing the damage Harry Whittington sustained when he was sprayed with birdshot Saturday afternoon.


Kenedy County Sheriff Dept. press release (PDF 81K)

Texas Parks and Wildlife report (PDF 593K)

Whittington suffers heart attack, returns to ICU
The 78-year-old lawyer who was shot by Vice President Dick Cheney on a weekend hunting trip suffered a minor heart attack this morning and is back in intensive care, hospital officials said.

Katharine Armstrong to Caller-Times reporter Jaime Powell: 'I trust you'
We got the quail-hunting accident story the way dedicated journalists have tracked down news for years - through strong, consistent old-fashioned reporting.

Life goes on for folks in Kenedy Co.
Reporters from The Washington Post, CNN, Los Angeles Times and other major Texas newspapers pelted the Kenedy County Sheriff's Department with questions on Monday about the vice president's weekend shooting mishap that made the county of 407 the backdrop for national news.

Potential for accidents familiar to hunters
Quail hunters have a pretty good idea what occurred on the Armstrong Ranch this past weekend.

Online jokesters fire away at Cheney
The first shooting involving a vice president since the time of Aaron Burr has lit up the blogosphere with political jokesters lampooning Vice President Dick Cheney's weekend hunting accident as "Quailgate."

Hunting accidents at low in U.S.
Officials unclear whether VP had formal safety class

Feb. 13

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Todd Yates/Caller-Times
Cheney injures a friend during South Texas hunt
Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally fired upon and injured a hunting companion during a weekend trip to the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County, peppering the 78-year-old with shotgun pellets while stalking quail.

Sheriff's department didn't investigate Cheney incident until next day
Ambassador to Switzerland was along; no one was drinking, host says

Map: Armstrong Ranch

InfoGraphic: Birdshot

Whittington had not made presence knownShortly before Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot Austin attorney Harry Whittington in a Kenedy County hunting mishap Saturday afternoon, Whittington had stepped away from the hunting party to search for a downed quail in a mesquite thicket.

Whittington to be moved out of intensive care
The 78-year-old man Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot Saturday will be moved out of the intensive care unit this afternoon, Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial officials said.

Feb. 12

Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter at nearby ranch
Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally fired upon and injured a hunting companion during a weekend trip to the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County, peppering the 78-year-old with shotgun pellets while stalking quail.


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