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Sponsored by: South Texas Retina Consultants

How to choose an EYE SPECIALIST


Be sure to ask questions.

Your surgeon should also go over all the risks, benefits and limitations of performing the surgery.

Become comfortable with the fact that after the surgery, your eyesight may still not be perfect.

You need to be wary about discounted offers on surgery. Is eye surgery really something you want to have a discount on?

You need to ask many questions when choosing an eye surgeon. What is the surgeonís experience?
Is he/she certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology?
Does the surgery have any risks or possible complications?
What about after eye surgery?
Ask for at least ten other patients that you may contact for references. These are a few questions that will help you find an eye surgeon that you are confident and comfortable with.

Eye surgery is something you canít afford to take lightly. Dr. Charles H. Campbell, Medical Director of South Texas Retina Consultants, L.L.P., experienced and knowledgeable in various eye surgery procedures, advocates that patients need to know all the risks, benefits and limitations of eye surgery.

The fact that after the surgery, your eye sight may still not be perfect is something patients need to be aware of and comfortable with.

Eye surgery has been a major boon for those with severe vision impairments and diabetes. Dr. Campbell; a major advocate for improving medical care, was recently honored by the American Diabetes Association for his many years of service to diabetic patients throughout South Texas.

Experience and continuing education in the field of eye surgery and Ophthalmology are important factors to consider when choosing an eye surgeon. Dr. Campbell has an extensive background, including United States Air Force military service, medical degree from Tulane University, retina fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine, and working on various committees targeted to improve the health of rural Texans.

Dr. Campbell continues to expand his education and experience, and this has made him one of the most trusted and successful eye surgeons in the area. Be wary about discounted offers on surgery, Dr Campbell warns. Donít give up the quality of the procedure for price. A firm believer in total health, Dr. Campbell believes that taking care of your body, exercising, and taking vitamins and minerals, is also the secret to healthy eyesight. But should you choose to have eye surgery, important that you choose your surgeon carefully and you find a surgeon that is properly licensed, experienced and will do the surgery well.


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