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Abraham Quintanilla Jr.:
Selena's father continues to oversee the family's entertainment corporation, Q Productions. The company manages several Tejano bands, including Jennifer Pena of Jennifer y los Jetz.

Marcella Quintanilla:
Selena's mother (left) has been busy lately with interior decorating, designing home interiors for close friends and family members. She also has been enjoying her time as a grandmother, according to Quintanilla.

Abraham Quintanilla III:
Selena's brother has irons in many fires. His band, the Kumbia Kings, has been enjoying popular and critical success, recently nominated for a Grammy award. Quintanilla also opened Planet Luna, a downtown nightclub. The man who wrote and produced most of Selena's hits also still is in demand as a songwriter and music producer. He serves as president and chief executive officer of his own music production company, Phat Kat Groove.

Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga:
Selena's sister and former drummer gave birth to her first child in 1998 and still oversees the Selena Etc. boutiques here. Last year, though, Arriaga struck out on her own with MoonChild, a clothing store in the Village Shopping Center that carries trendy clothing for young children.

Chris Perez:
Selena's guitar-player husband's current band won a Grammy last month for its debut album "Resurrection." Perez formed the band in 1997 with vocalist John Garza and former Los Dinos keyboardist Joe Ojeda. The San Antonio-based band has toured as the opening act for Mana, played the Watcha Tour and toured with the John Popper Band. Perez and his companion have a 1-year-old daughter.

Carlos Valdez:
The leader of the prosecution team in Yolanda Saldivar's murder trial continues to serve as district attorney of Nueces County. Valdez made headlines last month leading a court of inquiry that examined the credit card use and travel practices of Corpus Christi Independent School District officials and trustees.

Mark Skurka:
The prosecutor who helped convict Yolanda Saldivar now is first assistant district attorney. He is running for judge of the 214th District Court, and this month he will face attorney Jose Longoria in a runoff for the Democratic candidacy. Skurka said the trial stands out to him because of the media attention it drew. "When you get your face on the cover of the Dallas Morning News with Chris Perez, it sounds exciting, but I was taking him the back way to go to the bathroom and avoid the mob."

Douglas Tinker :
Saldivar's 65-year-old defense attorney is semi-retired. He recently ran unsuccessfully for district attorney of San Patricio and Aransas counties. Tinker remembers it as one of his most challenging cases in part because of the many death threats he received. "I'm convinced if I had won that case, I would be dead today. Once she was found guilty and given life, the hazard for me was over."

Yolanda Saldivar:
Since her conviction for Selena's murder, Saldivar has remained in the Gatesville Unit of the Texas prison system. In October 1998, the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston upheld her conviction and life sentence, ruling she had received a fair trial. In August 1999, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the state's highest criminal court, refused to review her case. "She's in a single cell in administrative segregation," said Larry Todd, spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. "It's not punitive but for her safety since she is still considered a high-profile case. She is not a problem inmate." Saldivar still receives interview requests but refuses all of them, Todd said.

Mike Westergren:
The presiding judge in the murder trial is giving up his position at the end of the year after spending more than 20 years on judicial benches. Westergren, 53, plans to do mediation and may go into business as an attorney. The murder trial was the most highly publicized case of his judicial career, he said. "You generally don't have 300 press corps trying to breathe down your neck."

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