Caller-Times Interactive: LOST TREASURES
Friday, Dec. 15, 1995

A little Lost Treasures Q & A

Q: Where and when was gold from a Spanish shipwreck last found in the area?

A: Two gold bars (double the size of a pencil) have been salvaged from a Spanish shipwreck site off Padre Island, according to Rick Stryker, Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History director.

The ships - San Esteban and the Espiritu Santo - were part of a four-ship group, loaded with gold and silver, that set sail from Veracruz, Mexico, for Spain in April 1554. Three of the ships sank off Padre Island in a tropical storm.

A group named Platoro discovered the ships in the 1960s.

Artifacts from the San Esteban may be seen in the exhibit "Shipwreck" at the museum.

An estimated 51,000 pounds of precious metals have yet to be salvaged. The state antiquities code prevents treasure-hunting at shipwrecks dating before 1900.

Compiled by Margaret Neu, Caller-Times information services.

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